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It’s a beautiful site doing some great investigations into education-related issues in the UK. One of which is my investigation, The Price of a University Drop-out, which uses HEFCE data and the HESES (Higher Education Students Early Statistics Survey) to look into the number of non-completing students and how much public funding a university can […]

I swear to god. One of these days, people will work out how to produce simple, derivable data. I’m working a lot at the moment on the Help Me Investigate Education site, and hoped to uncover some nice information. Instead, when going through the July released DLHE statistics (destination of leavers from higher education) from […]

Just pondering away as to what to fill my time with when I sit down to properly work my way back into journalism again. (Obviously alongside helping with the HMI investigation into local expenses since all my beautiful CIJ work was on their behalf, including a little bit on Julian Assange before he become obviously […]

That’s right. I’m a journalist baybeeeee. Keep an eye on The Help Me Investigate blog for my updates in general, across the week, probably in a more formal style than this. Well, hopefully. But, this is more a call-out to anyone in online journalism and anyone else who wants to have something investigated; hit me […]