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Just pondering away as to what to fill my time with when I sit down to properly work my way back into journalism again. (Obviously alongside helping with the HMI investigation into local expenses since all my beautiful CIJ work was on their behalf, including a little bit on Julian Assange before he become obviously […]

This first session this morning is with Jennifer La Fleur of Propublica, obviously with an investigative journalism prowess. The degrees of Hank Paulson network is the first that really stands out. Beautiful. Manyeyes (grrrrrrrr) amongst other online sources enable you to make interesting network diagrams that can be manipulated for sometimes clear  but always visually […]

No power in the engines. We had a monumental, inspiring and simultaneously devastating talk by Mr Sainath, talking about the combination of horrible governmental control and terrible farming conditions for the millions of people around India. Four of the richest men in the world, according to Forbes, lay in the top ten list and the […]

Yay, finally a repeatable, memorable quote; “The fundamental problem with investigating is not wanting to believe what’s in front of you” Admittedly, imagining through some of the stories that Mark Lee Hunter has faced in his time as an investigative journalist is difficult, but he is obviously endlessly passionate and has enjoyed everything he has […]

Oh my, I’m flagging. Tweeting on an ipod (that’s right, ipod, not phone, or pad) really sucks. Plus, i’m still pulling a relentlessly grumpy face after yesterdays revelation that i’m not supposed to use my flipcam at talks. *pulls relentlesly grumpy face* So, yesterday’s Wikileaks talk rocked regardless. Not much i’m sure i’m allowed to […]

Ahhhh yes. Just hit twenty years old and we go to the first ever summercamp. It’s not a summercamp. I promise. Honestly. I’m a “delegate”. ^^. But, to business. First session this morning (yeh, they are “sessions” as well) was statistics, or in other words, ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about using statistics in […]

Or, in other words, the wonderful Help Me Investigative (and Paul Bradshaw) sending me and my classmate? collegue? Kellie to the big ol’capital to participate in the CIJ Summer School. This. Is. HUGE. Nervous and excited and not quite sure what to expect. And that’s just the hotel. I’ll be vlogging. Blogging. Tweeting. The normal. […]