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321 views. Now, no single one of my blogs has got anywhere near that many views, and they;ve been pushed face-first into the public. So, firstly, how did I manage this? Secondly, why are these people not making themselves known? Contact me you lovely, lovely people and whereever necessary add your experience to the map. […]

B-b-b-bang. This, MyNeighbourhood, is the West Midlands Police attempt at using interactive social-media visualisations to meet a growing public angst about safety in their local area and to try and display improving crime prevention methods and the apparent successes. The map allows you to search street, area AND postcode. But they all do the same […]

I’m sure that was the introduction to Kick-ass… \ This map (at the moment) shows Perry Barr, where I was attempted robbed a couple of months ago and the route I took home. I don’t know how or why, but I have decided to try and prove le police wrong by collecting up the crimes […]

Because I decided that since nothing has been done, and the proposed policing presence across Perry Barr doesn’t seem to be all that consistent (even after a long past but violent history, kept surprisingly quiet). I’ve decided Im going to test the claims of the police officer who talked to me a couple of weeks […]

But, since the Authority 2.0 Conference is for “anyone wanting to share and expand their knowledge on social media communications” rather than a discussion about the police, their processes and a forum for open debate, I’m torn. There would be great opportunities to network, open up discussion and get some interesting insight into media practice […]

I do like multi-parts don’t I? In short, I saw the guy that tried to rob me last month walking past me by Perry Barr train station today. I wasn’t alone, we were in a busy area and he walked past. And I recognised him. After how pleased I was with how the the police […]

First ride in the front of a police car :D! But, I rode in a police car because someone tried to rob me. Short version, I showed him a clean pair of heels and got back alright, after someone tried to rob me down the road from my house in Perry Barr (Bayswater Road). But, […]