Orange rage part 1: what does “unable to continue processing your call” actually mean?


Sad how rage is the best motivation.

An introduction; my phone cannot send texts, hasn’t for about a week. It’s an HTC Desire HD on orange Dolphin 30; unlimited texts, 500 minutes, something data. Possibly 500mb.

Besides the point, for now. I got through to the help centre on a home phone to find out my account number and get an initial solution, which failed.

Since then, my phone will not connect to 150 and any other phone I use, once I input my mobile number, will disconnect me, both with the following message;

“Thank you for calling Orange. Sorry, but we are unable to continue processing your call. Please hang up and try again”.

I’ve heard this about 15 times today, on both phones, and I think the real issues are as follows;

  • It appears online on forums with no explanation, so it’s obviously a common occurence with no answer and, sadly, no-one knows exactly what it means.
  • It only appears when Orange know the mobile number in question; I got through first time initially, but since then nothing. Do I get pushed to the back of the queue with this mobile number since I’ve already got through to help today?
  • Does Orange know there’s shennanigans going on with my phone because it’s ignoring this specific number? Is this why I’m getting this unique message repeatedly?

I though it’d be worth e-mailing and finding out, because this specific a message means something, and surely it’s worth finding out, since forums online aren’t answering the question.

God damn phone rage. Gets a pretty good amount done, don’t you think?

If anyone has any specific experiences or any ideas, or situations where they;ve heard this message let me know. >:(.

7 Responses to “Orange rage part 1: what does “unable to continue processing your call” actually mean?”

  1. Hi, I don’t know what it means either, I found this post after searching ‘orange sorry but we’re unable to continue processing your call’. What I will say is that I’ve never really had any bad experience with Orange and I’ve been a customer for about 9 years. Recently I’ve begun to hear the dreaded message when I call to GIVE THEM MONEY though, yes, I’m trying to actually pay my bill.. I get all the way through the automated options to the payment dept, then I hear the message and it fills me with phone rage too. Very much the same as the blue screen of death feeling I get when my computer decides to throw a fit lol.

    So, I’m not sure what Orange are playing at – Your reasons would make perfect sense of the typical tricks big companies would play to get out of doing what they’re supposed to do but they’d never (willingly) refuse money. Usually, one would NEVER have issues getting through to a company to actually give them money. They clearly need to sort this out or they can ring me because I’m not running up my land line bill on their behalf anymore. Yes, they’ve actually cut off my mobile because the bill is late yet won’t let me ring them to pay it so I can’t use 150. Ridiculous doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    Another theory I have is that they, somehow, earn money from calls made to them, be it a percentage of profits from whichever company holds the customer’s land line or if Orange are the land line holders themselves, so therefore it would benefit them to have you keep ringing and paying for the call until you’re disconnected by them and end up having to call back. I know AOL are guilty of this. I could just be over cynical, of course. Hardly surprising in today’s society though.

    Good luck getting your issue/phone sorted, and I’m sorry this isn’t particularly helpful – Just wanted to let you know that I’m in the same (sinking) boat, if it makes you feel any better lol..

    Do feel free to find me on Twitter if you find a solution? 🙂


    • Thanks for your reply ^^.

      All that made me suspicious was getting through immediately, then not at all on two different phones (when they knew it was my number).

      My issues improved but not to any great extent; because of ringing and Twitter/email complaints they left a voicemail but, not much help.

      It’s just one of those things. If it was a genuine issue they’d explain it somewhere on their website.

      Hope your situation works out! Try ringing via a landline with the number on the site ^^.

  2. 3 Zoe

    I am on orange , receiving the same message
    if you get through you get cut off, if not it says not answering
    More reliable it says on hold – what a joke
    They are officially the worst provider on the planet

  3. 4 Zoe

    try calling 07973 100 150 from a land line – don’t enter your mobile number
    you get through to an idiot who cannot help – the joys of orange

    • Ahaha, I appreciate your struggle Zoe. It’s been a while since I had this problem, and never really found out why you get such a specific message for this kind of issue – there’s definitely something in it though.

      Annoying. Good luck with getting it sorted!

  4. 6 Steve Brown

    got the same message 2 days ago…headache ahead it seems!

  5. 7 K

    i did exactly what owmyfoothurts above said to do and got through after 5 failed attempts with similar messages/cutting me off! Thanks

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