Search Engine Optimisation? Why not File-Share Optimisation?


And I don’t mean to sound naive, since there have been deals going on for years that have ‘released music onto the internet before it’s scheduled release date without prior knowledge’.

As the Guardian states, “People – even downloaders – only have a finite amount of money. In times gone by, sure, they would have been buying vinyl albums. But if you stopped them downloading, would they troop out to the shops and buy those songs?”

But, I think we are beyond the point of these kinds of arguements now.

I think that film companies especially are confusing the issue; their films will end up on file-sharing websites such as sidereel and tv shack, so why aren’t they, rather than fighting a losing battle, pushing people to watch their films on these sites and shifting public opinion?

I started realising this since writing my foreign film review blog; one minute the industry is dead, the next it’s re-born, and frankly, it’s because smaller films are doing better than ever because they can be watched for free online.

Take it from me; films, especially indie/foreign films, will only ever be available online or on DVD. and no-one, unless dedicated, will buy a DVD just on a description and a few reviews, and will look to watch it online.

And, chances are, it’ll be a massive hassle for that person. If they like the film, in amongst the ’72 minutes watched today, take a break’ messages on video-hosting sites like megavideo or videobb, the chances are they will a) recommend it to someone else or b), especially for foreign films, they will buy the film so they can watch it again.

Megavideo and Videobb know this; they can host the videos whilst simultaneously avoid blame for doing so, and I am not blaming nor accusing.

It is, whetherwe admits it or not, a win-win situation. Not the biggest win that could be hoped for, but a win none-the-less.

So, why are foreign and indie film advertisers (and the same for music) not marketing this avenue? It’s easy enough to push public opinion (and traffic) towards certain websites by placing a few comments underneath trailers and simply starting off a word-of-mouth chain.

If someone is going to steal your ingredients and make a cake out of them, you may as well share the cake out, let the public get a taste for it and want to but the real thing from you…

Metaphors were never my strong point.

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