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When the winner of the Bevins Prize for Investigative Journalism was announced earlier this week, I doubt few could have argued that Clare Sambrook was an undeserving recipient, especially after receiving the Paul Foot award a week earlier. Her work with End Child Detention Now, alongside her group of volunteers, is clearly thought to be […]

Yesterdays post on ‘line to take’ documents outlined how knowledge of internal procedure can help your FOI request ask the right questions first-time off, but there are still certain situations in which public service organisations refuse to fulfil the duties outlined by the Freedom of Information Act. This Freedom of Information request written by Rebecca […]

The Freedom of Information Act has changed the way we go about investigative journalism, but it’s still difficult to know exactly how to formulate what is one of the most important journalistic tools at our disposal. The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in 2007 released internal ‘line to take’ documents, outlining the regular protocol that should […]