Day Three, powering through now at #cij: Social Network Analysis


This first session this morning is with Jennifer La Fleur of Propublica, obviously with an investigative journalism prowess.

The degrees of Hank Paulson network is the first that really stands out. Beautiful.

Manyeyes (grrrrrrrr) amongst other online sources enable you to make interesting network diagrams that can be manipulated for sometimes clear  but always visually attractive visualisations.

Paul linked us to another newer, more experimental software Gephi, which is free to download and a set of blogs that experiment with the software are linked here.

I’ll provide a walkthrough later when I have time and less broken shoulders, but for now, here is a visualisation using a sample data set provided by Jenny.

Well, I say that via link because I can’t embed.

Because I HATE manyeyes because you can’t search via type of visualisation, not can you embed the image on a blog rather than embed into the actual script.

But for now, you can see it there and try your own.

Onwards and upwards.

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