#Powerbase, David Miller’s awkward giggles and spin. Day Two (well, the start of) at #CIJ


Oh my, I’m flagging. Tweeting on an ipod (that’s right, ipod, not phone, or pad) really sucks.

Plus, i’m still pulling a relentlessly grumpy face after yesterdays revelation that i’m not supposed to use my flipcam at talks. *pulls relentlesly grumpy face*

So, yesterday’s Wikileaks talk rocked regardless. Not much i’m sure i’m allowed to say but it was great hearing the man behind the machine.

This morning’s talk (that’s right, I’ve already had a talk this morning) was by David Miller of Powerbase, a remarkably useful tool for identifying major spin-utilising corporations and a collection of all the best use of FOI, scraping and archived web pages (using Archive.org, apparently amazing, yet to try).

He was very understated and openly spoke about his aims and some detailed, way over my head-shaped case studies.

He also awkwardly giggled everytime someone mentioned the ‘sources’ he had in organisations (non-existant) and whether or not he could monetise the service (he could try…)

Also, usefully, found that the equivalent of the Charity Commission in the US is the IRS Form 990. I’mma keep a track of that.

Ahhh. Blogging between sessions is tiring. When you’re already tired.

Come Sunday on the train, i’m going to be too tired to worry about MISSING MOST OF THE WORLD CUP FINAL D:

The things I do for journalism ‘eyy…

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