Flagging… failing… *snore*… #cij


No power in the engines.

We had a monumental, inspiring and simultaneously devastating talk by Mr Sainath, talking about the combination of horrible governmental control and terrible farming conditions for the millions of people around India.

Four of the richest men in the world, according to Forbes, lay in the top ten list and the amount of money they share could, in a real and literal sense, revolutionise the country.

On a slightly brighter but also relentlessly irritating note was the talk about Foi requests. Blah.

Rob Evans, reporter and investigator? at The Guardian brought up some high profile cases and showed us a few hints to overcome the common failings that halt us before we start.

Interestingly enough, I also brought up Whatdotheyknow and whether or not this can be useful to journalists.

I can understand from the newspaper journalist standpoint that releasing what you find out and what you’re about to find out is silly. Someone else has your story.

But if we’re taling from a new-age, sharing the news-gathering process and all it’s niggly details, then it’sa masterstroke.

At least he gave the site credit.

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