#CIJournalism and Day One of. *Ahem*. “Summercamp”.


Ahhhh yes. Just hit twenty years old and we go to the first ever summercamp.

It’s not a summercamp. I promise. Honestly.

I’m a “delegate”. ^^.

But, to business. First session this morning (yeh, they are “sessions” as well) was statistics, or in other words, ‘Everything you ever wanted to know about using statistics in journalism but were afraid to ask”.

In other other words, or my words, it was applying the worst parts of GCSE maths to effective and clinical journalism, and being able to deconstruct the facts and figures you get fed daily and turning them inside out to find the real story and not the possible or proposed spin.

S’more interesting than I just made it sound, I promise.

The session was lead by Andrew Garrett who works with Sense about Science. I’m not gonna lie, he’s an interesting guy, once an astrophysicist who hated statistics, now Press and Public Affairs Officer for the Royal Statistical Society.

MORE TO COME. Next lesson *cough* session is underway.

That line is being left as it was; I like how professional I appear.

We learnt how to interpret and challenge statistics that round up, round down and limit the sample pool and it’s randomness. In a one-line summary.

I won’t talk about the second section, because it scared me.

Scraping and programming aren’t for me D:

At least with no prior knowledge…

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