Social media contact and Tableau software showing how you advertise online media tools.


Steve Morse from Tableau rang me today, reminding me that I registered for the demo of the Tableau visualisation software, and started asking me of my opinions on it.

He knew about Paul Bradshaw teaching us and the fact that BCU had recently registered on some of their computer suites, and you know what?

After the conversations yesterday at and after the Future of the Regional Press Conference, I remembered that a lot of discussion was around online businesses making no money and providing free alternatives to newspapers, killing monetary gain in the mass media.

The whole point of online journalism is that communication is key, and the fact that a business rings up all of the people using the demonstration, opening up their name and their product to critcism from members of organisations and the wider public is unique and basically exactly how to make money online.

Customer care in newspapers is never handled in anywhere near as constructive a way.

Take note online-skeptics; a good product is one thing, but social capital is a whole different matter that means just as much, if not more.

Thank you Tableau for providing me with the perfect example and with a very good piece of software to try at home and possibly purchase whilst using it at university.

And, because I examplared you (it’s a word, I say so), I will shamelessly plug a little bit.

Tableau for student use is linked here and student prices are linked here, which I have been told are four times the student price.

That’s right, student price is 25% normal price. Beautiful.

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