Right. I’ve decided. The FOI craze is going to hit West Midlands Police.


Because I decided that since nothing has been done, and the proposed policing presence across Perry Barr doesn’t seem to be all that consistent (even after a long past but violent history, kept surprisingly quiet).

I’ve decided Im going to test the claims of the police officer who talked to me a couple of weeks ago.

Firstly, and it is of note that i’m paraphrasing, he told me to be true and honest about real situations because, obviously, the police get a bad press.

That, I assure everyone, I will happen.

Secondly, he assured me that the guy who tried to rob me was probably not from the area because of where he had attempted the situation (wrong) and that there aren’t many burglaries or violent crimes in Perry Barr.

So, this is what i’m going to try and find out in the near future with another FOI request at Whatdotheyknow; I haven’t fully decided on how specific I’ll be, but for sure, I’m going to try and find out;

  • Attempted burglary and robbery rates for Perry Barr/ Birmingham, for the sake of comparison as well as a wider picture.
  • … ‘Successful’ burglary and robbery rates for Perry Barr/ Birmingham, for the same reasons.
  • Rate and chance of conviction for these crimes.
  • Actual statistics for the increase in police presence in Perry Barr and Birmingham.
  • The crime rates alongside this increase in police presence.

I’ll tappy-tap it out this week when I’m not so hopelessly busy/lazy, but i’ll post it up here so you get a chance to check and hopefully, something interesting and productive will come out the other end.

Could be revealing too. Who knows.

But, if anybody has any advice when writing an FOI aimed at the police or has any advice on what to completely avoid then help me out.

A nice little quote to leave it on; the Perry Barr District Community Plan tells us that ‘“low level crime” was ranked highest in terms of making somewhere a good place to live’ by 78% of Perry Barr residents.

Peace out.

2 Responses to “Right. I’ve decided. The FOI craze is going to hit West Midlands Police.”

  1. Hello,

    I’m sorry to hear you were a victim of crime.

    In response to your query about FOI requests, you may find the following link useful. It sets out everything you need to know on how to make a request, the kind of information we can provide and examples of when we would not be able to provide the information you require. http://www.west-midlands.police.uk/foi/publication-scheme/index.asp

    The My Neighbourhood website (http://www.myneighbourhood.info/myn2/html/home) may also help if you’re looking for info on crime stats in your area.

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