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But I thought I should say hey, since now my heavy workload has slowed I can waddle about the internet freely once more. It is of note however, that searching the user-generated maps with ‘crime’ on Google maps brings up my Perry Barr crime map and the West Midlands Police failings first. Sometimes. Im not […]

There will never be a shortage of discussion when you bundle 10 or so journalists from various different walks of … journalistic life…. and ask them to talk about law. Well, after they’ve introduced themselves and bumped over the initial awkward stage. Apologies in advance for a lack of names and businesses, but, I’m focusing […]

As Paul states it, the punk-rock ethic stays strong, and “In the spirit of Jeecamp” the internet rebelled. Regardless, I write from beyond the internet barrier in an attempt to update you on the first speaker at this years’, the third, and the final Jeecamp. Simon Waldman; a pioneer of online journalism way back in […]

321 views. Now, no single one of my blogs has got anywhere near that many views, and they;ve been pushed face-first into the public. So, firstly, how did I manage this? Secondly, why are these people not making themselves known? Contact me you lovely, lovely people and whereever necessary add your experience to the map. […]

Steve Morse from Tableau rang me today, reminding me that I registered for the demo of the Tableau visualisation software, and started asking me of my opinions on it. He knew about Paul Bradshaw teaching us and the fact that BCU had recently registered on some of their computer suites, and you know what? After […]

First of all, huge thanks to the Marketing Industry Network for hosting the event and making us wee students feel a tiny bit posh for a night. Secondly, sorry to anybody who attended the Future of Regional Press Conference and had to end up spammed by my flipcam; I’ve never felt so overly technological in […]

B-b-b-bang. This, MyNeighbourhood, is the West Midlands Police attempt at using interactive social-media visualisations to meet a growing public angst about safety in their local area and to try and display improving crime prevention methods and the apparent successes. The map allows you to search street, area AND postcode. But they all do the same […]