Ba-da-bing. Policing conferences at coincidental times… Authority 2.0


But, since the Authority 2.0 Conference is for “anyone wanting to share and expand their knowledge on social media communications” rather than a discussion about the police, their processes and a forum for open debate, I’m torn.

There would be great opportunities to network, open up discussion and get some interesting insight into media practice in both a typical workplace and in public services.

But, then again, I may be a small fish in a big tank, and have few opportunities to put my opinion across, share the story and recieve an appropriate answer given the situation.

Hmmmm, it’s thinking time.

Politics confused me, attendance at said political debate confused me further.

Ahhh dear, it’s getting busy again isn’t it, online journalism machine?!

But, generally, I want some opinions.

Should I attend? What questions should I ask? Who should I sit by?

Do I take my favourite mr flipcam?

*cuddles it*


Planning time.

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