Man, the police aren’t as great as I first thought… the attempted mugging part two…


I do like multi-parts don’t I?

In short, I saw the guy that tried to rob me last month walking past me by Perry Barr train station today.

I wasn’t alone, we were in a busy area and he walked past. And I recognised him.

After how pleased I was with how the the police treated me last time and what happened consequently, today reinforced the stereotypes that make people think that the Police are lazy and unhelpful.

First of all, the mobile number they gave me to ring for a ‘rapid-response’ went straight to voicemail.


Even though they gave me a list of about four people who would always be on hand to answer.

When they called me back, an hour after I had rung the police and given them where he was (the road right next to Perry Barr train station), where he was likely going (the train station) and a summary of the details and what he was wearing again, they were at best, uninterested.

Even though when it happened last time, it was;

A monday afternoon: the same as last time.

In exactly the same area: five minutes walk away from where he tried to rob me.

EXACTLY THE SAME TIME: I rang the police at half 5 both times. Me being five minutes away from my house made this his area. No question.

So, when the police finally rang me back, they were.

Distinterested. They told me they looked for him with the description I had given, didn’t find him.

They ignored the obvious observation I had made with the time, area and day, and the fact that this obviously effects my safety and that of the people around the area.

And, then, he left. Whilst I was still asking questions.

No offence like, but, when the police-people, in the police-car last time, talked to me about being a journalist and how I should portray the truth in all I do (due to the poor reputation the police get), I listened intently and agreed.

But now?

I stand by what I said last time. Results are difficult at best and they are understaffed and overworked.

But I’ve done most of the work for them by being a god damn target, and by recognising the guy and what time, day and area he probably lives/works/robs in.

He’s seen where I live, my friend and me, and basically knows where I am on a Monday afternoon, and what time.

I mean come on. Really?

These are the representatives of Perry Barr police, and I’ve never met, heard from or seen any of them.

And yeh, you’re god damn right i’m angry. More to come.

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