Helpmeinvestigate day 7… although, it’s clearly not my last day. Clearly.


Reading up on things hurts.

Like, badly.

But yes, on a basic level?

I started another half decent investigation, have a few more in the pipeline, helped to solve another and have contributed to many more.

But, placement? S’difficult to define it as such because there’s only so much you can expect in response and nly so much information that you can find yourself.

Although, I’ve read up more on EIRs and FOIs, which is forever useful. And I guess people are starting to read up on what I’m doing… S’always gonna be a slow process but I’m getting there.

… Oh yeh, might as well forward on the message about the Guardian Student Media Awards, since anyone who’s proud of their blogging and tweeting should give it a go.

Hahaaa, I feel like i should be summarising my week with helpmeinvestigate, but it’s nowhere near done!

Thank you to everyone I’ve been in contact with however, and thank’s Paul for the opportunity!

*sighs* I’m so damn tired!

But, onwards and upwards ‘eyyy?

One Response to “Helpmeinvestigate day 7… although, it’s clearly not my last day. Clearly.”

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