Day Three at Helpmeinvestigate… and social capital…


Is a difficult thing to fund out of your own back pocket.

I’m trotting along a lot of interesting investigations on Helpmeinvestigate,  but when you’re working with the busiest of the online journalists it’s difficult to start discussion that doesn’t come with a delay.

I think it’s more my position; a weeks dedicated work is not enough, this seems as though it’s more a preliminary boost to my presence on the site and restarting quiet or dead-ended investigations with a bit of youthful intrigue, waiting for some responses so I can whip up an investigation storm.

Well, a wee twister to blast through some investigations, learn the patterns that the site takes in it’s investigations and try and guide people in the right direction.

Which means a lot more work in the future!

I hope someone reading this is intrigued. A little.

Because you can join in! ^^!

To any of my fellow online journalists, it’ll probably mean more brownie points for you and it’s a great place to make contacts, because there’s no better way to get into an experienced journalist’s good books than to help them answer a question even they couldnt find the answer to.

S’all about social capital baby.

The investigations i’m focusing on are mentioned more in yesterday’s blog, but you can start your own if there is anything you really want to find out.

Also, I really need to start using my flip more, because I’ve neglected the poor wee mite.

Any videoblog/serial ideas would be much appreciated, just in case you do wanna see more of me, just in your home!

Crazy people.

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