Day Two with Helpmeinvestigate… Just in case anyone is getting reet annoyed at FOI requests and the council…


There is now something you can do!

Some of the challenges on-going at Helpmeinvestigate (and started within the hour, I’ll have you know) are focusing on the amount of effort that local councils are forced to put in when responding to FOI requests, updating disclosure logs and giving information and advice to members of the public who don’t know how to ask for information.

Let me explain; Disclosure logs are the records that local councils keep of all the Freedom of Information requests, and the results that follow.

Local councils seems to have no requirement to keep a disclosure log online, or practically anywhere that the public can access.

Alongside this, they only have to update as often as their resources allow.

Essentially, if they have ‘nobody’ to answer your question,  ‘nobody’ to update disclosure logs or ‘nobody’ to dispense information to a wider audience, they won’t.

There are also questions being asked into how extensive and available the responses are, how extensive the information they offer is (that councils are REQUIRED to give) and how much they really help the public who are supposed to be enabled with the skills to ask for information themselves.

Ahhh, it’s busy and anti-council aggressive times.

But, to reitterate what I said last time, if anybody wants to join in (especially if they belong to or follow BRinvestigates) then ask me and I can invite you into the investigation.

Just fyi, the investigation is titled “What are councils required to do, as a minimum, when responding to FOI requests and updating disclosure logs?

Fun times.

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