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But, since the Authority 2.0 Conference is for “anyone wanting to share and expand their knowledge on social media communications” rather than a discussion about the police, their processes and a forum for open debate, I’m torn. There would be great opportunities to network, open up discussion and get some interesting insight into media practice […]

I do like multi-parts don’t I? In short, I saw the guy that tried to rob me last month walking past me by Perry Barr train station today. I wasn’t alone, we were in a busy area and he walked past. And I recognised him. After how pleased I was with how the the police […]

Reading up on things hurts. Like, badly. But yes, on a basic level? I started another half decent investigation, have a few more in the pipeline, helped to solve another and have contributed to many more. But, placement? S’difficult to define it as such because there’s only so much you can expect in response and […]

Yesterday’s lack of reply was mostly because of sunny-day headaches, but I was quietly simmering in the background, reading up on varius investigations my knowledge is kinda lacking in… s’good to learn. The 0845 numbers investigation is marked as complete; again, the analysis is here and all is well in the world of investigativeness. I’m […]

This ‘ere is the summary of an investigation from Helpmeinvestigate that was recently completed. This is my draft, b-he-hasically. Read on, point out mistakes and give me credits if it doesn’t look half bad! FYI, the chronological list of all the updates from Helpmeinvestigate is here, just in case you aren’t a member or want […]

Now, I’m pretty sure, although it’s debated, that focuses is spelt in just that way. Focuses. Oh BBC. I had thought better of you. It was even a most popular story: Now, for a headline, on the BBC website, that’s a shocker. Enough said.

Sorry for the spam. *waves it off* It’s fine, you’re used to it by now. Anyway, Sarah Hartley started a very curious investigation last year talking about the amount of local coverage in local newspapers. So, I’ve decided to do my part and throw in some information about The Telford Journal (and later, if i […]