Ahhh, violence in video-games, why do you haunt us so?


The Alan Titchmarsh Show, ‘titch’ in range and diversity of opinion may I add, had this feature on Friday’s show.

First, it is important to note that Two vs One and a bias host in any formal debate is wrong.

That isn’t democratic, it’s spamming hate.

Secondly, uneducated and uninformed opinion is not a welcome part in democratic debate; “shooting innocent civilians’, as Julie Peasgood states, is no part of any of the video games mentioned in the debate, specifically not in Modern Warfare 2.

This was simply an unreferenced and unresearched opinion being thrown forward to an audience already decided in their opinion, and formally pushed towards one opinion.

And, by ‘pushed’, I mean fed information by three bias parties and one struggling alternate participant that pushes them towards one opinion.

This opinion stands because the audience have no knowledge of the subject matter, and are not given access to, given an experience of or given any real feel of the subject matter so as to make an informed decision.

And, to add my personal opinion, the arguements that are given to support the avoidance of violence in video games stand strong.

Children cannot buy violent video games without an adult present; fact.

Playstation 3, I know damn well, have an account-creating system that means that if a child owns the console, the parent can make themselves an administrator and block violent content; fact.

It is under the parents control, and the industry or game creators should take no blame.

Children playing these kind of games at a very young age will take some effect from them, but if the parents are complaining, the parents should sit down with their children and explain why the issues they are coming across through these video games are something troublesome, upsetting or wrong.

And learn from the process.

God, when will people understand that unknowledged debate will get people nowhere.

And massive kudos to Tim Ingham for walking into a metaphorical badger trap, with no rights or responsibilities to any game mentioned, just simply to the industry.

6 Responses to “Ahhh, violence in video-games, why do you haunt us so?”

  1. 1 Will

    Pretty biased audience, not to mention Julie Peasgood towards gaming. It’s just another planned attack towards the gamers and the industry.

    Modern Warfare 2 has a mission where you are told by the characters to shoot the civilians in the airport, however you control the character and you can pass the mission without shooting anyone. Based on my morals I would never do that, even if it is a game. Seeing a friend do it made me feel uncomfortable. The fact is it isn’t mandatory to do so.

    The games highlighted are generally for older audiences. Again, biased. Where is the mention of Mario, Little Big Planet, Band Hero and Wii Sports games?

    Availability of both games and DVDs are the same; generally in the same store, same age ratings. I’ve got into a game store and get ID’d for games, its no different treament of movies.

    Games are still a niche and still under discussion, as people are clearly still looking at the wrong side of them, hence why the large amount of bad press.

  2. 2 Edward Humphries

    Julie Peasgood: stupid feminist bitch. Where was her evidence to support video games promoting racism?

    She also failed to mention that she did a voice over for a game rated as M (17+) in America, which is all about Zombies, yet criticises Left 4 Dead’s content. Hypocritical much? But I suppose as long as she got paid she didn’t care what ‘the children’ might see.

    This type of thing annoys me all the time. My parents let me play Grand Theft Auto back when it was a pretty awful game on the original Playstation. I must have been about 8? I don’t go round shooting people, stealing tanks etc.

  3. 3 Edward Humphries

    Also, I applaud Tim Ingham. His justification is perfectly acceptable. It was argued ‘what’s to stop a child picking up a violent video game and playing it.’ But what is to stop a child picking up their parents copy of Inglorious basterds, Kill Bill, etc. and watching it.

  4. I also applaud Tim Ingham, he defended gaming superbly.

    As for Julie Peasgood…. well I wish the poster above had mentioned the name of the game so we could hunt out the proof.

    She makes the comment of 18 cert films in a cinema, we can stop our children from going as they have a cert (the same as games) but it is the parents that let them play these games (and but them we must assume) so if anyone is to blame it’s them.

    I also notice from her website that she is an author and wrote a book titled ‘The Greatest Sex Tips in the World’ and 1 review states ‘It’s rude but fun’ I’ve not read it but she is selling sex as a way to make money, what if I had the book and my kids found that, it’s in the home which is the same argument and if it is rude, maybe that will corrupt my kids as well.

    Get off your hypcritical horse, give your appearance fee back as you clearly do not have correct facts, your argument is so full of holes you’re sunk and go back to writing your smut 😉

    • Touche.

      I suppose, on her behalf, if she can get away with it, why not?

      These kind of TV shows are set-up in such a way that there can be no rhyme and reason behind a certain person speaking and the audience will lap it up if they can speak fluently with any kind of opinion.

      It’s a shame people are so gullible, more than anything.

    • 6 Edward Humphries

      The name of the game is Martian Gothic: Unification for playstation and PC. It’s on IMDB for proof 🙂
      Only on her official website, which has her CV on, she lists the job under her radio appearances… deceiving herself and the employers really, and hugely contradicting herself!

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