That’s right. Ben got attempted robbed today.


First ride in the front of a police car :D!

But, I rode in a police car because someone tried to rob me.

Short version, I showed him a clean pair of heels and got back alright, after someone tried to rob me down the road from my house in Perry Barr (Bayswater Road).

But, now, I’ve had my first experience with the Police Force, and, you know what, I’m still pretty impressed.

Sure, it takes a long time. Sure, it’s difficult to get results.

But they dealt with it quickly, took it seriously(ish) and used their resources effectively.

It’s a shame they don’t take robbery as seriously as they should; if you pretend you have a weapon, then to the victim, you may as well have a weapon. ‘Nough said.

But, s’all good. Bit shaken, but s’all good.

4 Responses to “That’s right. Ben got attempted robbed today.”

  1. 1 Natalie Adcock

    Glad you’re okay Ben! Where did it happen?

  2. hope you’re ok etc assistant editor…but more deets needed! lol what happened bruv? you is well ghetto now

  3. literally 100m from my house in perry barr, hence why i chose to peg it rather than stay and chatttt.

    he just put his hands just into his trousers and said give me your wallet, and i was like…

    there’s a car coming, i can run in front of this.

    and ran like usain bolt to my house.

    s’all good ^^.

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