Oh rugby-ey times. And Cheryl Cole(ish) finally did something right…


I don’t define myself as English.

My Welsh housemate hasn’t lived in Wales for upwards of ten years, and my Northern Irish housemate wants to keep living in England after University, and won’t support Ireland in football (because Ireland and N’Ireland are combined in the rugby).

So is it reflex to shout at the screen, or is it just friendly rivalry?

I always wonder. I just don’t want Wales to start beating people.

At least no-one here is French either. 10-0 as we speak against the Italian and it’s only 15 minutes in.

Oh dear. Make that 15-0.

And now 22-0.

Seriously, I didn’t intend to make this an update.

But yes, Cheryl Cole.

Those trousers really are beautiful.

He was no Robert Webb, but Rufus Hound certainly did an amazing job and deserved to win. I like charity things.

Last year resulted in beautiful leg-waxing goodness, let’s wait and see this year.

Bad times.

P.S. Summer is here, because Roberto Mancini isn’t wearing a scarf.

Sunny, sunny times.

4 Responses to “Oh rugby-ey times. And Cheryl Cole(ish) finally did something right…”

  1. It’s very much reflex to start shouting at the tv, having done far too much of it whilst watching both games yesterday it is definitely a combination of reflex, frustration and adrenaline. In fact it would be interesting to see if adrenaline levels do rise from not only taking part in sport but also watching it.

    I have a feeling that I’ll be going hoarse on Saturday whilst watching “le crunch”, I’m already dreading it, particularly with the way the French are playing at the moment!

    One of the best things about rugby is the banter, having watched the last couple of England v Wales games with Welsh friends on neutral turf (an Irish bar), I was so glad to have the bragging rights this year!

    It’s all playful jostling though, at the end of the day (damn football cliches) it’s just a game.

    • Hahaaa Philippa had friends down from Northern Ireland for the first week, and crazy N’Irish rugby fans shouting in Walkabout was a beautiful sight to see.

      Wales are giving everyone bragging rights this year though… ^^.

      • Except poor Scotland who really deserved to win that game between them. I was there, the atmosphere was fantastic, the banter even better.

  2. 4 Welsh housemate

    I haven’t lived in Wales for 9 years. I will one day soon return. I think you should blog about how some people shout more at the TV screen than if they were actually playing. No I don’t. I think you should blog about the environment.

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