And an update on the celebrity RSS feed phenomenon…


After not commenting on this blog-post by Martin Belam when it was shown to me back on the old-school RSS blog,  I decided it was a good time to pass comment, since magical things have happened with the recycling RSS feed on The Daily Telegraph website.


Martin, when talking about those celebrity RSS feeds in The Daily Mail, said the following.

“To my knowledge they are the first UK national paper to do so. It shows a real understanding of the strengths of the RSS format, and I hope that these are a success for them.”

Now, I have to agree and disagree.

They showing an understanding of the tabloid.

Admittedly this is a good tool for anyone wanting to keep up on celebrity culture.

But, celebrity gossip magazines, blogs and websites would be the first port of call for anyone this addicted to the ways of the stars, now a national newspaper.

And, the techno-savvy of the journalism world tend not to be as interested in celebrity culture.

Sweeping statements I know, and statistics would be appreciated (searching came to no avail), but I think I’m on the right track.

If these RSS feeds are such a useful tool, then they should be used for the news categories that are becoming niche, like environmental news.

“Maybe it will encourage more newspapers to do people and location based RSS feeds in the future, which deliver niche content to dedicated fans who are hungry to consume stories from very specific news niches”.

This is getting closer to what I’m thinking; I’m in two minds as to whether Martin is taking the right point of view, but if more national and local newspapers hit this kind of niche audience over and over again, it would lead to great things.

But, alas, celebrity culture is being spammed in another loss for the print-influenced mass-media online.

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