I’ve been such a quiet bear recently…but at least the Oscars made me happy.


I’ve been super busy with Birminghamrecycled and my Brumcan and Marks and Spencers stories, and now being assistant editor-y.

Totally rocking out with this blogging-shizznay, it’s getting there!

Just thought i’d mention my great happiness at both Avatar being raped at the Oscars and the Academy Awards and at some of the other selections.

Best supporting actor could not have been judged better; Christopher Waltz gave one of the most fantastic supporting performances I have ever seen in Tarantino’s  Inglourious Basterds, and it’s a shame that the Best Director accolade flew off elsewhere (personal bias not involved, obviously).

Waltz, as Colonel Hans Landa, is equal parts chilling, insane and fantastically evil. If you haven’t seen the film, I strongly advise it.

I’m no film buff, and especially not a huge appreciate…  appreciater… fan of giving actors masses of praise, but his performance pretty much enthralled me. I was gobsmacked at the twists and turns in his personality and portrayal, and Tarantino’s imagination and Waltz’s performance are made for eachother.

I’m hardly ever this enthusiastic about anything in the media, so make the most!

And sorry for a rather uninteresting update, but head over to my other blog for more consistent (albeit environmentally-based)  updates.

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