Busiest day ever, but still time to rant about jazz. And all that jazz…


But don’t get me wrong.

Tonight, at the BCU Conservatoire, I saw a selection of students with bundles of musical talent. Mightily, mightily impressed, and completely happy to work with any one of the groups in the future.

But then we take it to a professional level, and we get the innovative, experimental and improvised work of Buffalo Collision.

Now, each to their own.

But each own gets their own say each. So…

Music is music.

Sounds are sounds.

Lots of sounds is noise, and improvised noise is just that. Random noise.

When individual talent in difficult instruments like the cello, the saxophone and the piano is wasted on a tiny niche audience, far from contemporary and blurred amongst elitism in jazz music, it saddens me.

Watching one member perform on the Cello was mesmerising. It was fantastic.

Then the saxophone bumps in with slurps and spittle and it’s ruined.

I don’t know. Maybe i’m the wrong generation.

2 Responses to “Busiest day ever, but still time to rant about jazz. And all that jazz…”

  1. Have faith. NOt all jazz is elitist. I invite you to listen to samples from my trio CD, “Lost In Queens.”


    • I had hoped that that message hadn’t come across!

      It’s a new form, and i appreciate it, but my induction into ‘professional’ jazz was not the best.

      I’ll happily give a listen though!

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