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Oh Hey Midlands Today, trying to use our news? In amongst all the arguements questioning the effects of user-generated content on quality Journalism, Midlands Today are openly asking, during their show, for any videos, pictures or stories you have seen during the week for use on the show. This lends itself very effectively to Jackie […]

The Alan Titchmarsh Show, ‘titch’ in range and diversity of opinion may I add, had this feature on Friday’s show. First, it is important to note that Two vs One and a bias host in any formal debate is wrong. That isn’t democratic, it’s spamming hate. Secondly, uneducated and uninformed opinion is not a welcome […]

First ride in the front of a police car :D! But, I rode in a police car because someone tried to rob me. Short version, I showed him a clean pair of heels and got back alright, after someone tried to rob me down the road from my house in Perry Barr (Bayswater Road). But, […]

After not commenting on this blog-post by Martin Belam when it was shown to me back on the old-school RSS blog,  I decided it was a good time to pass comment, since magical things have happened with the recycling RSS feed on The Daily Telegraph website. Ish. Martin, when talking about those celebrity RSS feeds […]

I don’t define myself as English. My Welsh housemate hasn’t lived in Wales for upwards of ten years, and my Northern Irish housemate wants to keep living in England after University, and won’t support Ireland in football (because Ireland and N’Ireland are combined in the rugby). So is it reflex to shout at the screen, […]

Single best video I have ever seen. The treadmill video has annoyed me for years, but this is just plain fantastic.

I’ve been super busy with Birminghamrecycled and my Brumcan and Marks and Spencers stories, and now being assistant editor-y. Totally rocking out with this blogging-shizznay, it’s getting there! Just thought i’d mention my great happiness at both Avatar being raped at the Oscars and the Academy Awards and at some of the other selections. Best […]