No-one ever asked about the word widget.


I like crazy words. Widget is a crazy word.

So, sitting in the Birmingham social media cafe on Friday, editing my blogs, I suddenly realised.

Widget is a unique and confusing word. I’m going to research it.

And research I did! (I use the term research lightly…)

The word widget was coined by George S. Kauffman, in 1924.

That’s right, nearly 100 years ago. Clearly we social media trendees hijacked the meaning.

However, this next part is where I felt silly.

The word widget was a blend of window and gadget.

God damn it that was obvious. Research?

More like common-sense fail.

The word was first used in the play ‘Beggars on Horseback’ back in 1924, and it’s use has been adapted and expanded ever since.

There you go.

Pointless  but awesome knowledge, courtesy of Ben Harrow. You’re totally welcome.

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