To show or not to show, luge deaths and football leg-breaks…


It’s horrible, and everyone feels sick to their stomach or an actual twinge in their leg when out of the blue, the image is there in front of you.

Sky chose not to replay the footage as it happened live. The BBC have an image on their reporting of the match (the page is easily accessible, but I won’t link, out of respect).

But. Try to take an issue out of something devastating; do you think that these images/videos should be shown?

Do you think it’s news-worthy, and therefore should be shown, or do you simply think out of respect that the images should be kept out of the public view?

Arguements are powerful for both sides. They are in view of the public, essentially in front of their respective nation and other countries all around the world; people are very easily open to it, and it should be shown as a result.

But, then again, both natural curiosity and concern lead us, as human beings, to viewing the footage. In the case of Aaron Ramsey, he is a young prospect who’s future looked to be set in stone. Now, before medical examination and at 19 years old, his career may well be over.

Arsenal fans, Arsenal rivals and football neutrals worldwide will have interest in the situation and the community of football is consistently gutted when anything like this happens.

What are your thoughts?

To show or not to show. Get well soon Aaron Ramsey, and all the respect in the world to both him and Ryan Shawcross; one can only imagine how hard it must be for both of them, and anyone close by.

And there’s a wee bit of it mentioned here, in shameless plugging fashion. (sorry about the quality… i’ll change thats soon, somehow, someway…)

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