Oh Cheryl Cole. And your agent. Why that quote?


“Cheryl asks the media to respect her privacy during this difficult time”

Why did they even bother saying this?

You are recreated and born again into celebrity culture.

Manipulate and bounce back off the media to get yourself famous.

Then beg for sympathy when something goes wrong.

Paparazzi snipe time.

3 Responses to “Oh Cheryl Cole. And your agent. Why that quote?”

  1. 1 thathannagirl

    It probably is a manipulation tool though… I don’t think Max Clifford would be naive enough to think that the papers would be all “oh right, back off? ok yeah cool, we’ll give Chez some space”… The comment was probably made to reiterate to audiences that this is a person’s life – by personalising the issue, audiences are less likely to turn against Cheryl amidst all the media attention she’s going to get.

    Either way, she’s a goddess Ben!!!! ;-p

    • it just irritates me so much!

      yeh, she is a goddess. i’d pretty much destroy her.

      but it’s just ott. maybe i’m just THAT sick of celebrity culture…

      hahaa, and everyone should call her chez. officially.

  2. 3 thathannagirl

    haha! maybe I’m just blinded by love!

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