Channel 4 news fail; Gordon Brown isn’t the friggin’ hulk!


Rant rant rant.

The single most stressful job in the country. Every social, personal and professional decision you make is under scrutiny.

Forget having a shit boss or raging at your friends for stepping out of line; everything influences your future, and everyone is snapping at your heels or trying to break them off.

So, if Gordon Brown gets angry, maybe throws his phone at a wall once in a while, who on earth could even begin to blame him? “3 or 4 calls” with accusations of bullying are from unknown and unnamed members of the PM’s workforce and have been submitted over the last two years. Most bosses worldwide would get accused of more than this a lot more often, in environments that are much less likely to resemble a pressure-cooker, and these ‘member’s are probably the members of the national workforce who complain over little and nothing.

Politics has always been low on the list of important things in my life. I can explain that later.

But why oh why do we bully these people? We being journalists, we being people, we being those in a profession that has any kind of daily pressure.

Rant more or less over. I’ll link the footage of the ‘news report’ stating that Gordon Brown may be violent because a friend of a friend of a journalist once saw him get angry at some point in the near future.

God damn. Sometimes you wonder what journalistic career there’s going to be left for you.

Link to the video of Gordon Brown denying the claims:

One Response to “Channel 4 news fail; Gordon Brown isn’t the friggin’ hulk!”

  1. This is the price of being at the front I think! The media just need to make money so any story can make it. reporting policies should sometimes being reviewed.

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