Oh, how I wish I were in Vancouver…


But, through all the festivities, we have, no doubt, all heard about the disaster that was the death of Georgian Luge competitor Nodar Kumaritashvili in his sixth training run, hours before the opening ceremony. Although the event in question has not been decided, there is one aspect that I feel necessary to tlak about, and that I feel has been overlooked.

Several Canadian broadcasters have, completely innocently, footage of the accident, which is understandable; the news media will always have been there.

However, was it right to broadcast this footage across their news channels?

Ever since, it has been near impossible to find out which broadcasters had access to this footage and who broadcast it originally. Now, the video has now gone viral, and, understandably,  it’s hard to find a balance between completely understanding peoples curiosity and paradoxically being apalled by it.

That was the only fact I wanted to highlight; amongst the typical journalistic sincerity and devastation, no-one raised the question of whether or not any of this was right or wrong, or how people felt at seeing the footage, or whether they were shocked at being able to see it at all.

How would the family, friends and countrymen feel being able to see the footage of one of their closest pass in such a brutal and disturbing way?

Or should we, in a way, celebrate the lengths to which people will go to get to the top of their game; risk a dangerous track and treacherous conditions to just become the best?

I’d love to hear comments from anyone with regards to this topic, whether you have seen the video or not; it seems this issue has been overlooked, let alone discussed.


The main details of the story, and a picture almost acting as a flag of whether or not you will want to search any further, are on the following link.

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