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I like crazy words. Widget is a crazy word. So, sitting in the Birmingham social media cafe on Friday, editing my blogs, I suddenly realised. Widget is a unique and confusing word. I’m going to research it. And research I did! (I use the term research lightly…) The word widget was coined by George S. […]

It’s horrible, and everyone feels sick to their stomach or an actual twinge in their leg when out of the blue, the image is there in front of you. Sky chose not to replay the footage as it happened live. The BBC have an image on their reporting of the match (the page is easily […]

Enough said. Sometimes, you’re just way too busy. And there’s too much football. And rugby…

I’m scared! *trembles a wee bit* I thought it was time to follow in the footsteps of my lamest heroes, like Meekakitty, Phillip De Franco and Equals Three (Ray William Johnson), and get my vlogatron on. Normally the ever-confident and front-footed individual, #lies. Need to stop making twitter jokes. I feel lame enough already. I […]

“Cheryl asks the media to respect her privacy during this difficult time” Why did they even bother saying this? You are recreated and born again into celebrity culture. Manipulate and bounce back off the media to get yourself famous. Then beg for sympathy when something goes wrong. Paparazzi snipe time.

Rant rant rant. The single most stressful job in the country. Every social, personal and professional decision you make is under scrutiny. Forget having a shit boss or raging at your friends for stepping out of line; everything influences your future, and everyone is snapping at your heels or trying to break them off. So, […]

But, through all the festivities, we have, no doubt, all heard about the disaster that was the death of Georgian Luge competitor Nodar Kumaritashvili in his sixth training run, hours before the opening ceremony. Although the event in question has not been decided, there is one aspect that I feel necessary to tlak about, and […]